Things to do around Paphos

Tomb of the Kings - built between 3rd Century BC and 3rd Century AD, these imposing subterranean burial chambers are spread over a vast area. Carved out of solid rocks some of them are decked with Doric pillars. Get in your walking shoes and climbing pants and don't fret if you get a bit dusty, for this a place worth exploring! Tomb of the Kings
Paphos Mosaics - Aion has been proclaimed as the Greek God of Eternity in Cyprus History. The House of Aion has an astounding 5-paneled mosaic showing the Greek God in the uninviting position of having to judge a beauty contest, where He has to choose between the "ordinary and smug looking" Queen Cassiopeia and numerous "prettier, but unhappy looking" Nereides, water nymphs. Paphos Mosaics
On the coast road from Pissouri to Paphos is Aphrodite's Rock - when the sun is shining bright the most awesome piece of coastline to be seen on the Cyprian Coastline is this Rock. Few have been able to resist its bewitching spell. A popular legend lives surrounding this rock formation. According to the ancient Greek Myths, Gaia begged her son Cronos to get her released from the embraces of her husband, Uranus. Cronos obeying his mother's plea castrated Uranus and threw his genitals into the sea. Foam gathered around them and the Goddess rose from them as full-bodied woman. Aphrodite’s Rock
St. George Fishing Harbor - it is suggested to visit this place with someone special and don't forget to carry your camera along!
A late, balmy afternoon where you sit by this harbour and watch the approaching fish-laden boats, with a glass of beer can be quite an experience!
It has been called one of the most romantic sunset spot's of Cyprus.
St. George Fishing Harbor
Sterna Winery - about 15 minutes drive from Paphos, it is located on the fringes of the village Kathiskas. You may come across enigmatic Cypriot owners who would treat you to free wine tasting and a tour of this winery. Try out their own peach schnapps-which can be quite an experience! You may find a 'complimentary bottle' of schnapps in your goody bags if you purchase their fine wines!!

Lara Bay, also known as turtle beach, is north of Paphos in the Akamas Peninsula. Here the mountains slope down to the sea and is accessible (for the most part) only along unsurfaced tracks that are several miles long. The beaches and views in the Akamas Peninsula are simply spectacular. Here you will find a turtle sanctuary on a long stretch of coastline where attempts are being made to protect turtles and provide safe sites for their egg laying. Lara Bay